What is Custom Metal Fabrication?

It’s really amazing what people think of when it comes to metal, especially with the large variety in the number of cool signs, buildings, and other metal objects in the world. Custom metal manufacturing makes all that possible, as people can have metal workers make something unique to them.

This can be done through laser cutting, bending metal, punching, and welding metal into various shapes that can be used for thousands of items and components. Whether you need a pipe made with some metal bending, or some metal wires to make a chain link fence, custom metal fabrication is what you’ll want to do if you can’t already find what you want.

Custom metal manufacturing

Metal can be shaped and used in a variety of ways, with one of the coolest ways being roll forming. Roll forming runs a flat sheet of metal through a massive roller, eventually bending it and turning it into a semicircle. Presses can also do the same thing, compounding or bending the metal to get the desired shape.

The processes that you end up using all depend on the type of metal that you want. So if you want a metal tub of a specific size made, then you’d use a different metal shaping process then if you just wanted a solid cube of metal. Regardless, every single item is going to need a powder finish to ensure that the metal remains protected from the environment and rust.

Plus powder coating is a safe and effective way to ensure your custom metal masterpiece remains rust and damage free! So if you’ve got an idea for some type of metal item, but can’t seem to find something like it anywhere else, then consider doing some custom metal fabrication and let it be made for you!