System That Keeps Tube Handling In Place

tube handling system

If you are ever interested in learning more about what is known as push pointing technology, the detailed accounts are available online for you to study. For now though, only the briefest of sketches can be provided. Push pointing technology aids and abets the tube handling system. Push pointing machines are powered by hydro-electricity. Gripper jaws that are contoured hold the tube in place. This happens while drawing dies are forced uniformly over the ends of material, thus reducing it into a smaller-forming diameter. There is a device that guides the reduced end. It produces a straight and focused point.

It also becomes a perfectly round point. It achieves a uniform and gradual reduction from the tube system’s tip. High tensile strength is achieved. It eliminates the loss of the point at the beginning of drawing operations. Wall thickness of the point is usually greater than that of the tube. But the point cannot be closed solidly. A center hole remains in the point. This permits a free air passage during later processing work. In putting together the tube handling system, cold forming machines will also be utilized. Push pointers will be used in the ferrous and nonferrous industries. The purpose is to accommodate pierced, extruded, welded, previously drawn tubes and reduced tubes. Push pointing will always be done cold.

Jaws with gripping capabilities will be used in this process. It helps in alleviating pickling and lubing after required preheating is completed. This is pertinent for thick wall tubes and when other pointing methods have already been utilized. There are many designs available for commercial and industrial handlers. Current pushing capacities range in weight from as little as five thousand pounds to as much as a million pounds.